Sunday, 13 December 2015

Writing Update #16

The Christmas holidays are here and I am free to blog a little bit more!


  • I'm writing this on Saturday night and I have a BIG list of posts to write - some of them I've been meaning to write for months. Also, I'm going through all my drafts and figuring out what I want to write and what to delete. There's a few that are two years old...
  • I went to an event held by BedBoat Magazine. They're a small independent magazine and quite new - their first issue came out in September 2015. It was a night full of music to raise money for their second issue. I met the editors (who are really lovely), met some people and hung out with friends - just a great night with excellent music! The line-up consisted of Samuel Wulf, Velvet & Stone, and Atlas Hands. The magazine is really lovely and well made, especially for a first issue - I'll be submitting some poetry and/or article ideas.
At the Bike Shed Theatre with BedBoat Magazine
  • The playwriting group I joined two months ago has disbanded as the founder moved away! Oh well, I'm going to persevere with this script anyway. 
  • Working on a new radio play series, need to get the idea ok-ed before work can begin.


I am utterly obsessed with Owl City. As winter progresses and days get darker, I've been looking for something to brighten my day. Owl City is so bright and cheery it's like liquid sunshine is being poured into my ears. 

I've loved his music for about 6 years now. Like most people, I discovered him from his track 'Fireflies' which was HUGE in 2009. I wish I knew about him before, as his earlier experimental music is really gorgeous, especially the Sky Sailing project. His music has beautiful story-telling lyrics and he's got a day-dreamy boyish singing voice. 

Real Life and Other Nonsense

  • I got my essays back - received a first on both of them!!! Very very happy, had pizza to celebrate. 
  • Term has ended, and it'll be my final Christmas break filled with studying and essay writing which is an odd thought.
  • I've been getting back in doing little comics/doodles and leaving them where I go - my friend Emily suggested I take sticky notes with me, which is a much better idea than constantly ripping out pages from my little sketchpad.
One of my favourite doodles

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break!

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