Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I lost my pattern of once-a-week posts as I was horrendously ill with the black death flu a few weeks ago, and then English coursework took over my life. However, I have recovered and handed in my essay, so things should be back to normal.


Julia tagged me! Let's go!

1) If you could have any object made out of toast what would it be and why?
YOUR FACE. Because for totes lolz

2) Would you rather vomit chocolate or rainbows every hour for the rest of your life?
EW. I'd go for chocolate, and copy Julia's idea of a chocolate factory so I can maximise profits from my misfortune.

3) You are about to be fired into fictional universe of your own choosing where you must live out the rest of your life. Select one now!
'Hunger Games'. No - '1984' No! 'A Handmaid's Tale' - OHMIGOOSH NO.
This is hard when you've been studying dystopian literature for the last 9 months -_-  But definitely 'Redwall' by Brian Jacques - it's a book series that defined both my childhood and my writing style. You would just live in the peaceful and beautiful Redwall Abbey. On the downside, you're always attacked by some horrible people who want to take over your home. On the plus side, the characters are all animals, so I'd be an otter ^__^

4) Would you rather be impaled by a rake or flattened by a stampede of angry moose?
Uh, neither? I'm guessing that's not an option. I'll go for the moose - that'll look more interesting on my gravestone

5) A candy mountain has been deposited in your back garden. If it could only be filled with one type of candy, which one would you choose?
Julia and I discussed this in person - I went for jellybeans. Wide variety and it would look damn pretty. And SHEESH JULIA - we're British, it's sweets :P

6) Which cookie best describes your life and why?
Jaffa Cake - has its darker side, and its spongy lighter side, but full of orangey surprise! :D

7) Describe your blog in one sentence
A newly hatched baby phoenix from the ashes of many failed blogs, ready to rise and BURN YOUR MONITORS with my awesomely mundane life

8) Now name the three bloggers that you would most like to fill out the tag
I have no blogger friends except julia :'( so I tag anyone who reads this ;)  It's actually quite fun!

Now please be my blog friend. I'm lonely. *sniffs*

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