Sunday, 24 February 2013

University of Exeter

It's so nice I want to cry!!!

After nearly missing our train (and we had mandatory times) due to me getting the platform wrong, my big brother and I took a 2 and a half hour train journey down to the University of Exeter. I'd heard a lot of praise for this university, so I had high expectations.

And it is absolutely amazing. They weren't kidding about the hills though.

I didn't take a lot of good photos cos I was embarrassed to have a prospectus under one arm and point my phone around, but here they are:

The Forum/Library
They've spent over £350 million in investment in facilities (nice to know the "slight" increases in student fees are being used well)

On the staircase in The Forum. The floor was so shiny I kept wanting to do knee slides

Outside the Forum with my furry blue gloves

J.K Rowling spent some time at the uni, so there's some Harry Potter references everywhere, like The Great Hall (the building on the left) and The Leaky Cauldron in town (which is 15mins walk away :D ) 

It's a super lovely atmosphere, and lots of nice people. The accommodation is great, the rooms are bigger than my current one, and all the buildings are brand new, as they're taking down all the old ones. The downside is that rent is quite steep; the cheapest self-catered is over £90 a week :'(

I'm wanting to do the English Literature course, and the freedom of choice is fantastic, with great teachers. Their alumni programme is something I'm looking forward to - ex students getting in touch and letting you know about all the opportunities, which is something I always look for.

I woke up at 4am for no reason, and couldn't get back to sleep so I was up for a good 19 hours overall, nearly falling asleep in my lunch, which was an excellent scampi and curly fries we bought in a pub/bar thingy

So it's my top choice, with ridiculously high grades (A*AA). I really hope I get in  >.<

This is the website

How's uni and studying going for you guys? Comment below ;)

(Edit: I got in :) )


  1. Wow the university really looks fantastic! The required grades for History were too high for me to consider it as a choice. QMUL looks great though :)

    1. ...but did QMUL do the Harlem Shake? :P

  2. No but Kent did and I'm considering them too ;)